Stellar inbound marketing presentation

Reno, NV, November 9, 2013 — Mark Anthony Germanos today presented Use inbound marketing to increase attendance at your events to the National Association for Interpretation national workshop at Reno’s Grand Sierra Resort. The presentation was also the final webinar of the conference. The webinar ran for 68 minutes.

Great feedback on Mark’s inbound marketing presentation

An NAI Board Member said the inbound marketing presentation was “stellar.” Audience feedback ranged from “Excellent…thank you for being here” to “You answered several questions that have been lingering for a while. I did not know what inbound marketing was yesterday.” Highlights included:

  • Inbound marketing is the act of publishing content online that attracts your ideal customer to you.
  • Your ideal customer wants to attend your event, but does not know it exists.
  • To define your ideal customer, you need to create a persona. The more concise the persona, the more able you are to create marketing messages that appeal to your ideal customer.

Mark’s five action items

  • You need vibrant pictures to help pull your ideal customer away from TV, video games and texting. It must pull her to your event.
  • You need a 15 word response to the question “Why should I go to your event?” People are thinking it. Most are too polite to say it.
  • You need to understand the key phrases your ideal customer will type at a Google search window when looking for your event.
  • With key phrases defined, you need to protect your online reputation.
  • You need to publish content at many different online services.

This is the essence of inbound marketing. This workshop was tweaked for people who work at national, state and local parks. It can be tweaked for your event too. Mark Anthony Germanos lives in the real world. His ideas work. His ideas helped his business avoid bankruptcy. Mark can share his ideas with people who attend your event. Call Mark Anthony Germanos today at (415) 997-8864.