Author and national speaker Mark Anthony Germanos presents actionable takeaways that will WOW your audience and have them coming back for more. Bring in Mark to present Attract Your Ideal Customer: A program for making more money.

What are the benefits?

[pullquote]Mark has great ideas and can convey them easily. I learned a lot from his presentation and found him to be an excellent speaker. Larry C.[/pullquote]

  • Your attendees will learn how to define their ideal customer. The more you know about your ideal customer, the more able you are to publish content online that attracts her, and gets her to call. You attract serious prospects who want to hire you.
  • Your attendees will learn how to monitor and protect their online reputation. Mark presents a three step response you can follow when a bad review appears online. You will learn how to turn a bad review into a benefit.
  • Your attendees will benefit from Mark’s Point →Story → Takeaway strategy to educate and entertain. Programs are more than 40% audience-interactive. Mark takes technical concepts and presents them in a manner non-technical people can understand. He shows how to use social media services, including Facebook, as business tools. Your attendees will use these practices to make their businesses more profitable. They will remember where they learned them. They will come back for more.

Why should I bring in Mark?

A few years ago, Mark almost went bankrupt. His marketing was awful. Only after he changed his attitude about social media and learned inbound marketing did his computer business recover. He shares what he learned in Attract Your Ideal Customer: A Program for Making More Money.

The Attract Your Ideal Customer workbook is the curriculum for Mark’s program. When was the last time you saw a presenter use his own writing as the curriculum?

Mark follows PST (Point → Story → Takeaway)

Effective communicators follow the PST system (Point → Story →> Takeaway). Mark does. Attendees leave with crisper takeaways when the presenter follows the PST system. Point → Story → Takeaway looks like this.

  • Point: You need to identify how much decision making authority your ideal customer has.
  • Story: I gave Mattie the proposal. She read it thoroughly and said, “This is great. You and I are on the same page. Can I show this to my mom?” Mattie thought she was the decision maker. When the decision involved spending money, Mattie had to get her mom’s approval.
  • Takeaway: You need to know who the decision maker is. Very often you will find the decision maker is not your point of contact. You have to write content that will help your point of contact look good and get the sign-off from the real decision maker.

Click for Mark’s Printable Speaker Sheet as a PDF.