Interview questions for Mark

Are you preparing to interview Mark? Here are some questions to help create a great interview.

  1. I understand you run a small business and almost went bankrupt. How did you prevent that from happening?
  2. You have three key takeaways in Attract Your Ideal Customer: A Workbook for Making More Money. What are they?
  3. What is a persona?
  4. What are some traits that a persona should include?
  5. You keep saying ideal customer. How is that different from a random customer who walks in the door and wants to buy something?
  6. Why should I go after an ideal customer?
  7. You also mention Facebook as a business tool. Isn’t that obvious?
  8. What is Facebook 1 2 3 4?
  9. You have this part “In 15 words or less, why should I do business with you?” There has to be a good story behind that. What is the story and why do I need a good response?
  10. You say, “People will check you out online before they call. What will they find?” Where will people look?
  11. How can I protect my reputation with Google Alerts?
  12. Suppose I find a bad review online. What should I do? What should I not do?
  13. Suppose I muster up the patience to do your three step approach when responding to a bad review. What does it look like?
  14. I understand you are promoting a book Attract Your Ideal Customer: A Workbook for Making More Money. Where do we go for a copy? How much is it?
  15. Anything else before we conclude our session?

Mark Anthony Germanos is the author of Attract Your Ideal Customer: A Workbook for Making More Money. You can schedule Mark to present Attract Your Ideal Customer: A Workshop for Making More Money at your event. Mark travels from Sacramento, CA USA. Call (415) 997-8864 today.