Need a speaker who can WOW your attendees?

Looking for an engaging speaker to WOW your event attendees? Life will be easier after you find someone who can both educate and entertain.

If this is you, you are at the right place. You’ve found an accomplished speaker in Mark Anthony Germanos. Speaking since the 1990’s, he delivers results in the most challenging environments. He has spoken at corporate offices and large conferences. Attendees have included C-level, middle management and front line staff. Young and old, established and start-up, technology proficient and novice, he educates and entertains diverse audiences.

He puts his expertise to work for you. Your attendees will sign up for your next event before this one ends. Your speaker WOWed them. No matter your event theme, you are running a business. You and your stakeholders expect a visible Return on Investment and early sign ups for your next event. That is how an experienced speaker makes your life easier.

Workshop description for attendees

Your ideal customer is out there looking for you — why are you hiding from her? When you attend Attract Your Ideal Customer: A Workshop for Making More Money, you will learn how to:

  • Attract more high-quality customers who want to buy what you are selling.
  • Spend less time on your marketing.
  • Make more money.

Learning objectives for attendees

You will be armed with more knowledge to help you crystallize your branding and get more ideal customers calling. You will meet these objectives:

  • Learn how to create an ideal customer persona. The more you know about your ideal customer, the more able you are to publish content online that attracts her and gets her to call you. You attract serious prospects who want to hire you.
  • Learn how to use Facebook as a business tool (and not a time waster) to attract more ideal customers.
  • Learn how to monitor and protect your online reputation. Mark presents a three step response you can follow when a bad review appears online. You will learn how to turn a bad review into a benefit. People will check you out online before they call. What will they find?
  • Learn how to answer the question In 15 words or less, why should I do business with you? People are thinking it. Sometimes they are too polite to ask. You need an answer both in person and online
  • Engage. Workshops are more than 40% audience interactive. Attendees meet and create relationships. Coworkers build stronger bonds.

Point → Story → Takeaway helps retention

Mark follows the PST (Point → Story → Takeaway) system. You get crisper takeaways when the speaker follows the PST system. If you’ve seen Mark present these themes online, you have already seen Point → Story → Takeaway in action.

Point: You need to identify how much decision making authority your ideal customer has.

Story: I gave Mattie the proposal. She read it thoroughly and said, “This is great. You and I are on the same page. Can I show this to my mom?” Mattie thought she was the decision maker. When the decision involved spending money, Mattie had to get her mom’s approval.

Takeaway: You need to know who the decision maker is. Very often you will find the decision maker is not your point of contact. You have to write content that will help your point of contact look good and get the sign-off from the real decision maker.

Default Agenda (open for customization)

For a typical 180 minute (three hour) program:
10 minutes: Intro presentation
20 minutes: Why should I do business with you? exercise
10 minutes: Self assessment exercise
10 minutes: Ideal customer personas presentation
10 minutes: Your ideal customer persona exercise
10 minutes: break
20 minutes: Facebook pages and Instagram presentation
10 minutes: Who else is on Facebook? exercise
20 minutes (customized topic requested by meeting planner or attendees)
10 minutes: break
10 minutes: Reputation Management presentation
20 minutes: How would you respond? exercise
10 minutes: Google Alerts exercise
10 minutes: Group discussion, buffer and conclusion
180 minutes total

More information

Mark’s BIO is available at Mark’s BIO. Mark’s downloadable Speaker Sheet is available at Speaker Sheet. To contact Mark, complete the short form at Contact.