Be the High Hanging Fruit: Comparing the Plans

Identity theft victims? They could be...if they do not get sufficient training.

Hope to see you there.

Are you planning next quarter’s training and need a trainer who can WOW your attendees If so, you’re at the right place.

Internet thieves want to steal your online identity. This includes credit card numbers, social security numbers and passwords. What you do for a living does not matter to them. Therefore, what does matter is you have some information they can steal and sell.

Protect yourself and your online identity. Position yourself as high hanging fruit. Make it so the thief would have quicker and easier success stealing from someone else (the low hanging fruit).

In sum…

After reviewing the Intro package, the Silver package and the Gold package, you may be asking what is the difference. Here is a table to help you decide what is the best for for you and your people.

  Intro Silver Gold
Attendees 99 10 10
Rich Americans Theme Yes Yes Yes
Vetting Links Yes Yes Yes
Phishing Quiz 5 Questions 9 Questions 9 Questions
Recent CyberAttack   Yes Yes
Password Manager   Yes Yes
Drive Encryption   Yes Yes
12 Months of Recurring Training     Yes
Time 20 minutes 60-90 minutes 60-90 minutes
Cost Pro Bono $650 $950