Your Cybersecurity is as Strong as Your Weakest Link.

That’s why you should bring in a cybersecurity trainer. Your weakest link…is your people.

A few years ago, Mark found an unauthorized $1,000 charge on his VISA bill. Learning how this happened led Mark into the security awareness arena. He preaches an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure. Mark shows how to scan email, vet links and view the world from an Internet thief’s perspective.

A business owner with 25 years’ experience building and supporting computer networks, he brings real world experience to his workshops. Your people become more street smart. Your trade secrets become more secure. Your business remains in business. Call today to schedule an onsite workshop.

How Mark can help you, your employees and your company.

More than ever, your people are the weak link in your network security. They need security awareness training to understand how they are vulnerable and how to protect themselves.

As Rich Americans, Internet thieves find us more appealing than ever. We have money, are gullible and are online. This makes us attractive targets and makes security awareness vital to keeping your business in business.

Your security is as strong as its weakest link.

Internet thieves want to steal your online identity. This includes credit card numbers, social security numbers and passwords. You have some information they can steal and sell.

Protect yourself and your online identity. Position yourself as high hanging fruit. Make it so thieves would have quicker and easier success stealing from someone else (the low hanging fruit).

Audience participation is expected. We’re talking about protecting your online identity, not mine.

A trainer who can get your people on board

Is your career on the line? Your new plans can save your career. You just need a trainer who can build excitement and get people on board.

If this is you, you are at the right place. You’ve found an accomplished trainer in Mark Anthony Germanos. With over 1600 students, he delivers results in the most challenging environments.

He puts his expertise to work for you. Your people come on board. They understand and embrace your plans. Your are successful.

A word from the trainer

More and more, I see how Internet thieves steal personal information and sell it on the black market. That’s why I stopped training social media and switched exclusively to security awareness. You have to be careful. You have to be cautious. You have to be vigilant…on the Internet. I can help you and your people become safer online.

How Point → Story → Takeaway helps your employees retain.

I follow the PST (Point → Story → Takeaway) system. You get crisper takeaways when the trainer follows the PST system. If you’ve seen me present these themes online, you have already seen
Point → Story → Takeaway in action.

Point: Vet links before clicking them. They might not take you where you expect to go.

Story: Daphne opened her email. She had 20 new messages from people she did not know. One offered a free pizza if she clicked before 12:00 noon. Daphne moved her mouse pointer over the link, but she did not click it. Windows revealed where the free pizza link would have taken her. She saw that it linked to a website in .RU. “Russia,” she yelled. “I don’t think this is an honest link. Looks like a phish attempt. I‘m glad I vetted this link before clicking.” She deleted the message.

Takeaway: Vet links to make sure they are honest. That’s how you protect yourself from becoming another identity theft victim.