Fees for Attract Your Ideal Customer Presentations

Fees can vary, depending on how you use Mark and his services. Here are some variables to consider when planning your meeting and creating a budget for him.

  1. The type of presentation. Do you want Attract Your Ideal Customer as a keynote, breakout session, or workshop?
  2. Multiple presentations. Do you want the same presentation repeated to different audiences?
  3. Gifting a copy of Mark’s Attract Your Ideal Customer: A Workbook for Making More Money to each person attending the meeting.
  4. Length of presentation. Thirty minutes up to three hours.
  5. Location or venue where meeting is being held.
  6. Expenses. Actual, out-of-pocket expenses or inclusive with fee.
  7. Licensing fee for permission to audio or video tape Mark’s presentation.
  8. Customization fee for going above and beyond a personalized program.
  9. Payment terms. You can pay in full upfront or utilize a 50/50 payment option.


A typical investment on your behalf will run between $750 to $1,500 for a workshop running up to three hours. For some organizations, associations, or franchisors, the investment could increase, based on extraordinary customization. Mark travels from Sacramento, CA USA. Please call Mark directly to discuss how he can meet the best of what you need and want for your people.

Call: (415) 997-8864
E-mail: Mark at MarkAnthonyGermanos.com

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