Need a great motivational speaker to help fill the seats?


If so, you’re probably looking for a Speaker Video. Here is a video of Mark Anthony Germanos in front of a live audience. This was recorded in one take. Enjoy.

What your event attendees will learn

We are not living in 2005 anymore. Money is not moving as freely as it used to move. In the new economy, you have to be good at what you do and your marketing has to be great. If so, you get to stay in business. If not, you become a statistic.

You must adopt new ideas early and use them to create a comparative advantage. When the Ford Model-T first came out, those who bought them first had a comparative advantage. They could go farther, get there faster and accomplish more. Others stood on the side of the road and yelled: “Where’s the horse? This is too new. It is stupid.”

This same mindset carries over to modern day tools. Be it a SWOT Analysis, personal branding, reputation monitoring, blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or smart phones, you have to use these efficiently in running your business and promoting whatever you are selling. Use these to create a comparative advantage. If you don’t you will be handing your competitors a comparative advantage. Who wants to do that?

Why Mark?

The margin of error is smaller these days. You have to be good at what you do and your marketing has to be great. “Mark has great ideas and can convey them easily. I learned a lot from his presentation and found him to be an excellent speaker. You will not be disappointed.” Larry Cherniss via LinkedIn.

Mark is a computer guy and has been since 1992. Back in the day, he taught over 1,600 people how to use Microsoft Excel 2.0, Windows 3.1 and a device called a computer mouse. Times have changed, haven’t they? Trainers just get better with time.

His clients range from small businesses to a bank in downtown Chicago that had a $1,000,000 per day profit. Mark is the author of Escape the Cubicle: How to leave your corporate or government job for something better (2011) and How to make computer systems work for you (2010).

He is in the Speakers Bureaus of uLink Network and the International Association of Administrative Professionals. Mark has spoken to the National Association for Interpretation, Industry Council for Small Business Development, International Management Consultants, Project Management Institute, Kiwanis clubs, Rotary clubs and Chambers of Commerce. He is an active member of the Roseville Articulators Toastmasters club.

Mark Anthony Germanos lives in the real world. His ideas work. His ideas helped his business avoid bankruptcy. Mark can share his ideas with people who attend your event. Call Mark Anthony Germanos today at (415) 997-8864.